Dental porcelain Titan: A porcelain tooth metal alloy frame contains 4 -6% Titanium and porcelain enamel coated Ceramco3 outside.

Dental porcelain has the advantages of standard porcelain dental crowns and more not oxidized in the oral environment affected by aqueous foam.

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Cjoy : for all crowns , dental bridges , not aesthetic requirements . People who are at risk of allergy to metal .

Learn more about porcelain dental titanium :
Structure : Outside the ceramic layer is still covered , just inside the metal frame is titanium .
Titanium Metal : Titanium Metal Net medicine is a popular metal used in implants in the human body because it does not cause allergies , cancer , deformed , ...
Titanium metal has a high biological compatibility , can be combined well with the body's skeletal organization .
In particular , titanium dental porcelain ceramic intense combination of high quality metal