Why children should see overall orthodontic doctor?

+ At 7 years old, has a growing number of permanent teeth and jaw growth accelerated. It is time that the dentist or orthodontist dentist can evaluate and predict the problem is and will happen in the future and inform parents know.
+ Due to the permanent first molars and incisors usually grows permanently before the age of 7 should evaluate cross bites, crowded teeth and coral at this point is necessary. The bad oral habits like thumb sucking prolonged disability were also assessed at this time



The signs and habits the child requires early orthodontic examination :
- Losing baby teeth sooner or later
- Difficulty in chewing
- Breathing mouth
- Thumb sucking
- Teeth stranded , displaced or crowded
- Slide the jaw or jaw joint cry .
- Biting lip cheek .
- Teeth touch or not touch unusual .
- Real harmonious tooth surface .
When a physical exam with your doctor orthodontics at 7 years old , the doctor will evaluate and detect some unusual problems that face ( if any) , recommend whether to treat or not and determine appropriate treatment time most .
- Permanently growing desire to place .
- Reduce injuries coral maxillary anterior teeth .
- Eliminate bad habits such as thumb sucking
- Limit the functional abnormalities talk and swallow
- Make more harmonious face , giving you more confidence
- Simplify and shorten treatment time later comprehensive orthodontic
- Minimize teeth Underground
- Keep space for the permanent teeth to grow properly position
What is keeping around ?
Another important feature that you should know is that there is a tendency to move to the adjacent tooth loss , especially the molars will tend to move close . The first permanent molars , also known as tooth 6 , will grow at 6-7 years of age , but small molars Monday to 10-11 years old springing to replace milk molars . As soon lost milk molars , teeth grow 6 will tend to move close to losing your place after this sm