Porcelain dental restorations is not difficult to do. But to have a porcelain dental restorations just beautiful, durable and just adds to the sexy smile, physicians and customers need to apply the principle.

Introduction :
a. veneer
Porcelain veneer is a thin layer of paste on the outside of the teeth to change the shape and color of your teeth . (Figure veneer pieces ) .
Depending on the severity of infection grows clutter or color of teeth that doctor will take away the outer layer of enamel surface more or less , instead, is a thin layer of ceramic shapes and colors to suit your needs and paste with a thin layer of glue on the teeth .
Advantage when doing veneer ***
• Saves your time
• Saving the tooth tissue , only the outer surface grinding
• Protect the pulp
• No pain such as porcelain crowns .
The note *** when selecting solutions veneer
• Veneer is not a permanent solution for your teeth , they can be chipped , broken , and your shot will be replaced with a new veneer .
• The average life expectancy of veneer is 5 to 10 years , depending on the quality of the veneer and the technical implementation