1. Perform direct restorations:

   Patients often come to bs restorations with healing cap was placed on the implant. At this first appointment, bs should check prosthetic implant placement through the use of surgical guides, and the healing cap is surrounded by horns of mature tissue. (Fig.21-27).


Depth probe should be less than 4 mm , x - ray film on how the bone crest implant - abutment connection between dentists 1.5mm assessment and repair of R kecan shape outside and chewing surface equipment if necessary . The dentist should also assess the patient's bite emerge as the opposite of R - inclined . During this appointment , your dentist can identify all the components necessary for the restoration of next - appointment usually lasts about 45 minutes . When you have time, your dentist may take the opposite jaw pain and tooth color .

The next appointment is very important for the restoration and is the main point of the restoration process . With an experienced dentist , this procedure can also be done at the first appointment restorations . Dentists remove the matching regular gum ( healing cap ) , often with 0:50 inch hex tools and often without anesthesia . Then the dentist put on anti- rotation abutment of implant body ( Fig. 21-28 )


In addition, fibers of connective tissue around the joint Government can roundImplant, and dentists need this tissue removed images restored with press tools,knives or diamond drill with arms high speed. This procedure often requireanesthesia and bleeding can affect the final imprint abutment. There are manyready-made designs in every Implant System. Ơû the region does not need the aesthetic standard abutment consists of 2 parts, is the top choice. The aestheticdemands Ơû or need to create special shapes can do 1 private abutment shapeappropriate surgery or aesthetic abutment 1. In this case, the dentist should notchoose direct methods. Instead, the dentist should take to create Implant hullaccent and abutment crowns labo R in indirect method.


Once the abutment is attached to part of the rotation against the Implant andscrews fixed the squeeze, and abutment crowns must achieve the overall fit. Ifthe stem Implant created greater angle of 15 degrees to the plane of chewing,the dentist should select 1 bend angle is available 15 abutment, 20 or 30 degrees to Implant hull corner broke repair. Shooting the film around the tip orfilm to make sure the wings bite binding between components have snugly.Sometimes, not mount snugly abutment to Implant or in soft tissues between the exposed part, the Implant-abutment need to locate and capture the overallfit for the film test.


After it was clear that abutment set the right position, the tool wrench torqueforce measurements have been used to squeeze the screws holding theabutment.


In addition, the connective tissue fibers can ring around the top cover implants , and restorative dentist needs to remove this tissue with tissue keyboard instrument , knife or diamond drill used with high speed hand . This procedure often requires anesthesia and bleeding can affect the final impression of the abutment . There are many ready-made designs in each implant system . Ou do not have the aesthetic abutment consists of 2 parts standard is first choice . Ou the aesthetic requirements or need to create special shapes can be taken one particular abutment shape suitable anatomy or aesthetic abutment 1 . In this case , the dentist should not choose the direct method . Instead, dentists should take the sign itself Implant abutment and crown to create R in laboratories with the indirect method .
   Once the abutment is attached to the implant and anti- rot