Smile is one of the initial elements of success and most people wish to have white teeth are a bright smile, bright.


However, people usually dark colored teeth gradually with age due to absorption from food color. To return the color whiter teeth, use dental whitening techniques. The main active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide in medicine. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the standard bleach from 10% - 15% for bleaching techniques at home and 35% for teeth whitening techniques in dental clinics (under the activation of plasma or laser light). Also in bleach also have 1 buffer as flour additives to reduce bleaching sensitivity. There are two methods of whitening: whitening at home dental bleaching.

• Bleaching at home:

Your doctor will take your mark and make a plastic tray in 2 tight-fitting top and bottom teeth. The drug is added to tray, tray then take 2 hours per day. Said drug exposure becomes white after 2-3 days, however celery in 7 days to maintain tooth color is durable.

• Dental Bleaching at:

Drug use higher concentrations (35%) as a gum burns if direct contact with the gums. Gums are not isolated to touch bleach. Then bleach is placed directly on the teeth and activated with plasma or laser light; drugs for 8-10 minutes instead of once, made ​​a total of 3 times instead of once a drug for bleaching. Bleaching results seen after 1 hour, add celery 1-2 times at home with 10% drug to more satisfactory results. 
In the bleaching process and then 1-2 weeks, that is easy to infuse color back. So to be durable tooth color, we need to abstain from foods like dark coffee, chocolate, dark soft drinks, curry ...