H : Implant hurt?
D: Almost no pain because the transplant is usually performed under local anesthesia . Most procedures can be done at dental clinics .
H : After placing implants have been hurt?
D: You may feel some discomfort , but the dentist will give you a prescription to get rid of them .
H : The implants how long ?
D: Typically 30 to 60 minutes , but may take longer if multiple implants implanted .
H : What can I eat after implants ?
D: Your dentist will assign your diet for a few days after transplantation , usually soft food diet .
H : The implant , and restorative healing usually takes how long ?
D: The whole process usually takes 3 to 9 months , depending on the treatment plan .
H: I have to take care of my implants like?
D: You should brush your teeth and floss for cleaning around implants . Take regular dental visits are essential to protecting the health and durability of the implant .
H : How long implant survival ?
D: It can survive very long if you take good care . Many implant survival over 40 years .
H : If my body excrete them , what will happen ?
D: The implant will be removed and will wait for healing can then put back into place 1 Impalnt other .