From time to time together eating, our teeth are yellowed and dull-colored signs.To remedy this, many people are looking to the dentist and spend a lot ofmoney to make the process as well as buy products white teeth. However, youhave to know yourself completely capable of making white "corner man" just bythe simple pole material, inexpensive and easy to buy? The most important thingis to persevere and you will have made the surprise about the results youobtained.

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Healthy white teeth is the desire of many people (artwork)


The same view 6 natural methods to whiten teeth immediately at home:


1. Use baking soda


Baking soda is cheap, easy to find and is one of the best natural method towhiten teeth. Just mix with a little toothpaste baking soda and use this mixtureto brush your teeth at least once a day. It is best to apply the brush before bed.It will remove all the stains on the tooth stuck in that day. Please save the image's teeth before and after using this way, you will recognize the positive change.


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Will smile more beautiful thanks to shiny white teeth (artwork)


2. Eat strawberries


This method must be much simpler and very suitable for those who are lazy.Strawberry has been certified as a natural tooth whitening methods are quite effective. In the strawberries have a substance can long the stains on the toothsurface. Also, strawberries, delicious and also contains less calories.

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3. Brush your teeth after every meal


Create for yourself this habit after every meal will help in the removal of surplusfood remaining on the teeth. Not only that, it also helps for sweet breath andsuppress the appetite, especially in the evening (to avoid work weight gain).


4. Purchase tooth whitening toothpaste


Many kinds of toothpaste made from lots of chemicals and in the long run may harm your health. At best, let's make a cream white teeth with raw materialsfrom nature.

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5. Use only dental


Dental only will help you clean the interdental gently. With a thin piece ofstructure, it does not damage your gums. Please use only as a habit in your life.

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6. Teeth Whitening by lemon


Should not rub the lemon pieces directly onto the teeth, by the acid in the lemonsubstances can affect tooth enamel. Be squeezed lemon juice diluted with water and use the brush to rub this mixture onto the teeth. After a while, you'll get apretty results.