Listening to remember that many of you probably feel the spine. But the reality is that with today's scientific advances, most patients do not suffer as little pain. 
The cause of the need to remember that


. Skewed teeth : most common is the maxillary canine teeth and wisdom teeth . In case of deviation , the wisdom teeth extractions are the only way to prevent more bad situations can occur .
. Resetting Function : Sometimes a tooth to create the space needed for the treatment of bent functions .
. Cavities : When the teeth were too deep , can not weld or endodontic treatment is more then also need to be extracted .
. Economic factors : Some people opt for tooth pain , tooth instead opted for expensive fillings .
. Severe periodontal disease : in this case significantly loose teeth surrounded by bone support around the teeth have been destroyed , can not be recovered again . The plan extractions are the most economical and simple .
. Injured in the case of a broken tooth , broken tooth , can not be cured by means of dental fillings .

When a tooth can be dangerous ...

In some cases , the tooth should be temporarily suspended :
. Infections : Infections spread from tooth to bone and to benefit around . Anesthetic will not work , so if the patient still spit will be very painful . In addition, infection can invade , spread throughout the body in blood sugar . Thus, we will temporarily postponed until a tooth infection was treated with antibiotics .
. If you often use anticoagulants , such as warfarin or aspirin pain relievers . The extractions will risk severe bleeding . Should consult your doctor. Normally that only spit when you say stop using drugs on at least 3 days .
. If you undergo heart surgery in about 6 months before the tooth extraction is performed only when you have used antibiotics enhance infection prevention 

          A missing tooth allows the neighboring teeth to shift.