Tooth decay is a disease of the securities held in the tooth, it gradually dissipate enamel, dentin cavities to form.

           1. Pest and Disease yeast:

              Deep enamel is lost mineral phase lesions confined within tooth enamel. At this stage no symptoms of         pain, sensitivity, it is difficult to detect and easy self ignored.

          2. Pathology deep ivory:

v    Shallow depth ivory ( S2 ):

Organization held an ivory enamel and dentin lesions deep hurt but less than 2 mm.

v    Deep deep ivory ( S3 ):

Organization dentin lesions than 2mm but not affect the pulp.

3.    Myelitis disease:

v    Myelitis is capable of recovering( T1 ):

                   As a slight inflammation of the pulp tissue has the ability to recover the normal state if the causal                        factors are removed. Reversible pulpitis may not show symptoms

                          v    Myelitis inability to recover ( T2 ):

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