South tooth ( or teeth fillings ) can be understood in a simple way is to use special materials to restore form and function of teeth .
Dental fillings are often used in the following cases :
Cavities : welding material used to seal cavities , preventing bacteria or external factors such as temperature , chemical attack , destroying the pulp .
Injured in accident situations cause tooth fracture or break the solder material is used to reconstruct the original shape , while ensuring good chewing function of teeth .
Worn teeth : for example in the case of brushing too hard , stiff bristle brush , making the enamel tooth surface is worn significantly , exposing the dentin layer , causes a very sensitive when eating Map hot or cold . Then one can trace worn seal welding , protective layer of dentin .
Aesthetic needs : for example, when the front teeth are yellow , unsightly , can use white tooth fillings to cover the surface of the teeth, making the teeth become white .
The dental materials
There are 3 types of materials most used in dental fillings is A -man - g, plastics and synthetic silicate cement ( also known as ceramic cement ) . The selection of each material depends on specific factors such as preventing tooth decay requires experience and skill of the dentist , aesthetic requirements of the patient , requiring the bearing capacity of piece welding ...
A -man - g : A type of welding materials used longest , over 100 years old . This is a mixture of metallic elements including mercury , silver , zinc , copper ...
Advantages of A -man - gram is cheap, easy to use , good load capacity should generally be used in the holes welded to or in place under pressure as the chewing surfaces of back teeth .


The drawback is not aesthetics by silvery-gray ( see picture ) . Therefore often used to weld on the inside of the tooth teeth like molars . In addition, A -man - g also good thermal conductivity , affecting the person's feeling when eating hot food , cold