* What is Orthodontics (braces)?

- Orthodontics (braces) - the experts call "orthodontics" - is a specialty of the dental profession, specializing in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of distortions and false teeth and the shape of the face. In orthodontics, braces (mounted on the outside surface of the tooth or teeth), aligners (transparent tray) and other instruments are used to move teeth, move the bone to prevent and treat the wrong shape and deviance teeth and face.

* Do we need orthodontic braces when not?

- Orthodontic treatment with braces soon help prevent progression of the condition is worse than wrong tooth surface deviations later. However, at present, no need orthodontic braces (Clear Aligner Therapies) can be used as an alternative in some specific cases wrong. In addition, orthodontic braces face with tongue (Incognito) is the best choice in case of unwanted exposure to the braces.

Clear Aligner Therapies.jpg                       Incognico.jpg

                       Orthodontic braces are not                  Orthodontic treatment with braces tongue surface


* The early signs of the condition tooth surface deviations What is wrong?