According to Oriental medicine, salty saliva, not toxic, average calculation, which uses profits rise, increasing natural gas, spleen and brain benefits, detoxify, soften skin, bright eyes, acne, ... 
Modern science has also proved, saliva contains many beneficial substances to the body, such as amylase (enzymes digesting starch), bacterisolysin, globulin, calcium, potassium ... 
In particular, the effects of bacterisolysin resolution and dissolve bacteria and viruses enter the body through the mouth.


Some effects of saliva :
- As effective mouthwash : Saliva " swept away " the excess food remaining in the mouth , mouth to help clear and clean. Without saliva , leftovers thoroughly indigestible , which will create more plaque , causes bad breath , tooth decay .
- As important lubricant : Saliva contains mucus , which acts " lubrication " food , accelerating the transport of food to the stomach, while supporting good for the digestive system . In addition, it also helps the oral cavity are soft, not dry irritated , annoyed .
- There hemostatic effects : Saliva can help fast coagulation . Therefore, the oral cavity or tooth hurt bleeding , saliva will stop bleeding quickly , effectively silencing wounds .
- Create appetite : Saliva can dilute the bitter , spicy , sour , sweet neutral environment to help us eat delicious . So food is digested faster also .
- Effects against bacteria, mold : Through various mechanical processes , organic compounds and inorganic saliva in promoting the role of anti-bacterial , mold efficiency , help reduce the risk of infection gain , tooth decay , sore throat .
- Quick Healing wounds : Saliva contains multiple auxin , which acts to accelerate healing time , wound and scabs shrinking fast .
- Gastrointestinal effects : amylolytic yeast in saliva can be resolved into maltose sugar , digestion and absorption of nutrients into the body .